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Rise of The Triad

Rise of The Triad

Interceptor Entertainment and Apogee Software have launched a modern remake of the classic Rise of The Triad.

The new Rise of The Triad has been build using Unreal Engine 2 and benefits from an actual graphic, yet in the game-play has been kept the characteristic guns: Flamewall, Firebomb, Split Missile, Drunk Missile, Excalibat etc.

The remake of Rise of The Triad has a single player campaign that contains over 20 levels, special game play modes (God mode, Elasto mode, Mercury mode, Shrooms mode, Dog mode) and an old school multiplayer - start to play now.

Almost every element that characterized the first Rise of The Triad can be found in the modern remake, the new game being filled up with jump pads, flying platforms, colored key and hundreds of German soldiers ( for those who don't know, the original Rise of The Triad has been initially designed to be a continuation of the famous Wolfenstein 3D) - find best tutorial.

In other words, Rise of The Triad is an old-school shooter, with a nice story and characters, but not impressive. Yet, taking into account the fact that the FPS gender from the latest years, this approach is not too bad. Despite this interesting approach, their lack of experience is pretty obvious in this domain, the design is not so good.

As I already said above, Rise of The Triad have kept the way guns are divided, in two categories: the easy ones, based on infinite ammunition (pistol and machine gun) and the hard ones, based on all kind of bombs. While the hero is controlled he can carry up to two guns and a machine gun. The guns have the effect wanted: waves of fire and strong explosions spread the enemy soldier all over the place. This is what I have been waiting for at this type of game.

This game has a decent graphic, not impressive, but one that you can handle. The sounds are great and realistic and they give a special not to the game - check out the guide.

The old school approach of the new Rise of The Triad is pretty well done and this is an example for all the first person shooter game. So, to not waste more of your precious time, I am going to close my article by saying that you should definitely try and play this game.